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Panda Surfboards



Posted: 08/12/15 @ 12:12 pm

STAB's 'Ice Cream and Hotdogs! With Shane Borland'

Posted: 21/08/15 @ 10:10 am
Shaneo, the most loved grom by all (young Tinder dates included) "C’mon in and meet Quiksilver King Of The Groms finalist Shane Borland!  Shane was one of the 30...


Posted: 02/07/15 @ 6:06 pm
It was a real privilege to be invited to compete in the very first year of Stab Magazine's 'STAB IN THE DARK' 2015 shaper competition. Being voted 5th place in Julian Wilson's eyes...


Posted: 02/06/15 @ 1:01 pm
Courtesy of D'BLANC


Posted: 01/06/15 @ 3:03 pm
This one is all about us, and in the producers words; our "attention-grabbing boards which look like something dreamt up by the lovechild of...


Posted: 12/05/14 @ 2:02 pm
Bobby Okvist and Ford Archbold | Newport Beach (with a little help from THE PRETENDERS) by Matt Tromberg PANDA boards featured: FRIED TILL YOU DIE (FORD) SYNTHETIC SALLY (FORD)...


Posted: 13/03/14 @ 12:12 pm
Out March 21st; GROOVE MOVE is Mr Coleman's, fourth and newest feature length film project, celebrating experimental board riders. Shot in: Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Mexico, &...

The Goose Is Loose (Colin Moran) Newport

Posted: 25/02/14 @ 12:12 pm
Who the F is Colin Moran? Colin "The Goose" Moran is 18 years old and grew up in Costa Mesa, California. He looks kinda like a goose, and his surfing is pretty loose. Here is the Goose...

Ford, Colin and Creed in 'Creed comes to visit...'

Posted: 17/02/14 @ 2:02 pm
Creed, Ford, and Colin Moran head a little north of Newport for a fun session. This is the first webisode of many from (set to launch sometime in the next 6 weeks). Video...

The Bear Essentials

Posted: 24/01/14 @ 4:04 pm
Our good friend Benny from has just done a review on one of our newest models the bear essentials which is our new take on the doinker. For those that loved the very...

Jackson Carey

Posted: 20/11/13 @ 4:04 pm
Congratulations to a few of our team guys that just finished school and are currently partying up a storm at schoolies. This is a little clip of Jackson Carey i some how forgot about. In this clip...

Colin Moran / Panda Surfboards quiver

Posted: 26/10/13 @ 2:02 pm
Colin Moran has recently been putting a mixed quiver of our boards to the test, from 5'10 Little Ripsticks and The Norts to 5'8 Blackmoons and  5'7 Fangbangers. From this...

Ford Archbold california summer 2013

Posted: 15/10/13 @ 8:08 pm
In RVCA's latest and last California summer edition Panda Surfboards team rider Ford Archbold rides his model the Synthetic Sally and his new small wave fun board which is in the...

Ford and Archy

Posted: 26/09/13 @ 3:03 pm
California's summer was pretty epic, plenty of good weather, fun waves and good times. Here is RVCA summer series clip of Ford and his dad Archy, who is still surfing as good as ever.

jackson carey

Posted: 25/09/13 @ 12:12 pm
Our grom Jackson Carey just dropped a new clip filmed up the mid NSW coast. Jackson has been riding a 5'8 Pandamonium as his go to board in almost everything and as you can see in this it will...

Ford Archbold's model Synthetic Sally

Posted: 24/09/13 @ 9:09 am
Recently Chris Grow from Shred Show reviewed one of our most popular Cali summer Boards the Synthetic Sally which happens to be Ford Archbold's signature model and his go to board. watch...

Ford Archbol x Panda Surfboards

Posted: 18/09/13 @ 8:08 am
Summer is has come to an end in California, its been great fun and there has been some fun waves all summer. Here is a little clip of Ford during the summer on his original model the Synthetic Sally.

board review on the shred show

Posted: 09/07/13 @ 6:06 am
Thanks to Chris Grow from the shred show for reviewing a few of our boards. The first board to be reviewed is our most popular board The Doinker.  Watch this episode for a great break down...

Knives and Forks

Posted: 06/06/13 @ 5:05 am
Luca Elder and Connor Gale just got back from a trip up around byron and this is the clip they have produced for their new blog, Knives and Forks.

Anything Sing

Posted: 20/03/13 @ 4:04 pm
On May 1st What Youth will be releasing Anything Sing, their new film with Reef. And today, they are releasing the official trailer for the film that stars Luke Davis, Nick Rozsa, Conner Coffin,...

Colin Moran

Posted: 06/02/13 @ 8:08 pm
Here's a new clip of silky smooth natural footer Colin Moran from Newport beach California. Colin is riding a Panda 5'10 Litlle Ripstick in most of this clip. Its a mix of footage from...

Secret Sound Underground

Posted: 31/01/13 @ 2:02 pm
Filmer Jack Coleman is about to drop his latest project featuring Ford Archbold, Alex Knost,Ozzie Wright, Creed McTaggart, Andrew Doheny and more. Filmed in some of our favorite spots Bali, Mexico...

Jackson carey

Posted: 30/01/13 @ 10:10 am
Young shredder Jackson Carey just got back from his yearly stint in Hawaii. After spending the last few season putting in some time out pipe and sunset Jackson is really starting to look...

Ford Archbold in Happy Beach

Posted: 14/11/12 @ 4:04 pm
i just came across Fords section in the movie Happy Beach by Jack Coleman. Ford's riding his signature model Synthetic Sally 5'7 x 19 5/16 x 2 1/4.

Ford Freakout

Posted: 10/11/12 @ 10:10 am
Here is a slow mo clip of Ellis Ericson and Ford Archbold on a recent trip to Bali

who is Ford Archbold

Posted: 09/11/12 @ 6:06 pm
Who is Ford Archbold?  Ford is a young californian couch surfer/ free surfer and the son of surfing legend Matt Archbold. He also plays in a band with Alex Knost, for those who aren't...

Happy Beach

Posted: 05/11/12 @ 8:08 pm
Modern hippy/ film maker, Jack Coleman has just released one of his latest projects Happy Beach. Jack prefers to shoot with super 8 using film and filters, staying well away from todays digital...

Metal Neck !!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 03/11/12 @ 10:10 am
The boys in Newport Beach CA are about to drop a new movie Called Metal Neck, featuring some of the most exciting and interesting young surfers emerging right now, Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold,...

Colin Moran

Posted: 24/10/12 @ 10:10 am
i just got back from a trip to bali where i hung out with a few of my mates from Newport Beach CA who were there for the Oakley world pro junior. One of them was 17 yr old Colin Moran. here is a...

Al Knost

Posted: 22/10/12 @ 8:08 pm
From my travels this year i have been fortunate enough to meet some cool, very different and interesting people, one of those is Alex Knost. I ended up spending abit of time with Al travelling to...

Andrew Doheny no.3 in the world!!!!

Posted: 22/10/12 @ 6:06 pm
My good mate Andrew Doheny just made it all the way to the semi finals of the Oakley world pro junior last week by doing surfing like this! (note he got all the way there without doing 1...

holiday sessions with jacko

Posted: 07/10/12 @ 2:02 pm
Over the school holidays Jackson Carey and crew escaped the city and headed up the coast. This is what they got up to. In this clip Jackson is riding a 5'6 micro grom...

Multiple personality disorder

Posted: 03/10/12 @ 7:07 pm
check out the new Arnette webisode series "multiple Personality Disorder" with my good mate Ford Archbold flaring on the Panda's.

Waves board test- Panda surfboards (Fang Banger)

Posted: 20/09/12 @ 12:12 pm
Recently the guys at Waves mag sent a crew of rippers over to bali to put a bunch of boards to the test. Panda was lucky enough to have Bali resident Ellis Ericson test out our Fang Banger model....

Andrew Doheny, Colin Moran, Bobby Okvist and Marky killing it.

Posted: 20/09/12 @ 11:11 am
Heres a little clip of what Andrew Doheny and crew have been getting up to the last few weeks. The end of summer is finally starting to provide some fun waves in Newport beach CA. In this...

PANDA Surfboards - Jackson Carey

Posted: 27/07/12 @ 1:01 pm
Jackson carey is one of those kids that developed into a great surfer really fast compared to most other kids, in the past year though he has really been working hard trying to put it all...

panda Surfboards rider Jackson Carey

Posted: 26/07/12 @ 3:03 am
Jacko getting a few solo pits up the coast somewhere!

Panda Surfboards rider Jackson Carey

Posted: 18/07/12 @ 10:10 am
Recently Jackson Carey has been doing alot of travel and its been paying off. Here is a little clip from somewhere up the NSW coast!

Jarrod Howse on the road with the O'neil groms

Posted: 21/06/12 @ 2:02 pm
Jarrod Howse recently took a couple of the O'neil groms on a traing camp up the coast for the weekend including Panda Surfboards team rider Jackson Carey. This is what happened!

Panda Surfboards rider Jamie Krupps

Posted: 20/06/12 @ 11:11 am
We are so stoked on some of our little grom riders, some of the kids these days are constantly putting little clips together and getting them out there on the web. here is another clip of our...

panda Surfboards rider Jamie Krupps

Posted: 11/06/12 @ 10:10 am
Here is another little clip of J Krupp having fun at nth styne. Enjoy the long weekend Peace

Panda Surfboards rider Jamie Krupps

Posted: 09/06/12 @ 12:12 pm
here is a clip of our little manly grom Jaimie tearing apart some lefts on the northern beaches on his 5'4 micro grom.

Surfing Magazine

Posted: 21/05/12 @ 4:04 pm
Try get your hands on the latest issue of surfing mag with Andrew Doheny on the cover. Panda team rider Ford Archbold does a trip with Ozzie Wright, Mitch Coleborn and Mason Ho to samoa. Here is a...

introducing METAL

Posted: 05/05/12 @ 12:12 pm
meet one of the most unique humans ive ever met! jimmy Metal. the guy is a walking encyclopedia of heavy metal and does a mad metal war cry. He surfs good too.

Ford Archbold model (Synthetic Sally)

Posted: 04/05/12 @ 1:01 pm
Heres a new clip of Ford on his signature model (Synthetic Sally). This board features a full flat deck with bevelled rails making the board really stable yet sensitive with a flyer behind...

jackson carey

Posted: 09/04/12 @ 9:09 am
riding his B2 step up while over in tahiti for the pro junior. This is a little clip of him surfing after the contest on the mainland.

The Friendly Salmon

Posted: 05/04/12 @ 7:07 am
Ford Archbold riding his friendly salmon around newport california. ford rides a 5'7x 19 1/4x 2 5/16 chop square yeewww

Ford Archbold

Posted: 31/03/12 @ 1:01 pm
in samoa for a trip with one of the US surfing mags, Ford and crew scored some really fun waves. here ford is riding his signature model 'Synthetic Sally' 5'7 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 in good hollow...

Ford Archbold

Posted: 14/03/12 @ 9:09 pm
ford rides his Synthetic Sally panda model in new reef clip

Ford Archbold

Posted: 21/02/12 @ 9:09 pm
Ford in oz

Ford and Droid

Posted: 08/02/12 @ 7:07 pm
last week while up on the gold coast Ford Archbold and Andrew Doheny tested a couple of new Panda's. Ford on his new signature model and Droid on the Fang Banger!

ford and droid getting some winter waves in newport

Posted: 13/01/12 @ 12:12 pm
winter seems to be providing some fun in cali this season. Atleast ford and droid are getting some anyway!

The Ford Archbold model

Posted: 29/11/11 @ 9:09 pm
heres a new clip of Ford on his signature model (Synthetic Sally). This board features a full flat deck with bevelled rails making the board really stable yet sensitive with a flyer behind the...

Jackson Carey at it again

Posted: 24/11/11 @ 11:11 pm
here a new clip of jackson tearing some beachies apart, up around the pacific palms part of the coast. this kid is just getting better and better every time he hits the water. in this clip he is...

ES Surfing weekend

Posted: 02/11/11 @ 9:09 pm
Panda team rider jackson Carey went on the Elite Surfing, training weekend and here is some footage of what they got up to.

Jackson Carey surfing over the holidays

Posted: 23/10/11 @ 6:06 pm
Jackson and his mate have been getting some good waves over the school holidays, heres some of the sessions they scored.

ford and Marc delirious

Posted: 21/10/11 @ 1:01 pm
the boys in newport beach CA, having fun doing what they do


Posted: 07/09/11 @ 10:10 pm
heres some footage of one of our team guys Bart Smith ripping down in south oz. Bart also works at panda learning the resin trade!

big heads

Posted: 21/08/11 @ 8:08 pm
i just came across this funny little vid and i reckon its worth sharing take a look.

Waves mag NZ board test 2011

Posted: 18/08/11 @ 5:05 pm
recently we gave Chippa Wilson a board to have a bash on for the Waves mag annual board test, this year they headed to New Zealand and scored some pretty fun waves. here is the clip of Chippa and...

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