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Panda Surfboards

board review on the shred show

Posted: 09/07/13 @ 6:06 am
Thanks to Chris Grow from the shred show for reviewing a few of our boards. The first board to be reviewed is our most popular board The Doinker. 
Watch this episode for a great break down of the board.

Also lately we have been recieving emails asking where Panda Surfboards are available in Southern California. You will find Panda Surfboards on the racks at all Sundiego board stores, both Surf Ride stores and The Froghouse Surf store in Newport beach.

if you wish to meet Blake in person you will find him in the shaping bay at Pure Glass Surfboard Manufacturing and Supplies
1777 Placentia
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
phone- 949 610 5628

Panda Surfboards are also available all over the east coast USA from Maine all the way down to Florida. If your local store doesnt have them please shoot an email to and we will let you know where the closest dealer is to you.

please contact Blake if you have any enquiries we are more than happy to help you.

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