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Panda Surfboards
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Panda Surfboards/ 5'9 pandamonium #2104

This is our new generation allround high performance short board. It has a slightly wider nose and tail than our previous shortboard designs a few years ago and can be ridden 1 inch shorter and 1/8 wider if desirable. its a full curve shortboard board making it suitable for better punchier waves yet with the extra plaining surface in the nose and tail this board does have the ability to get through fat sections. It should be ridden in waves shoulder high and above. Featuring a deep single to double concave for speed and control in hollow waves and is generally ridden in a squash tail with a slight hip.

This is an ex team board and its in good condition, no dings.

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Product ID: PS410
Product Name: Panda Surfboards/ 5'9 pandamonium #2104
Board Type: Shortboard
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